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At-Home Valentine’s Day Ideas - Dinner, Decor, and More! ♥️

February 5, 2024


Valentine’s Day might be considered the day of love, but what happens when all you and your special someone want to do is stay home? Celebrating this holiday can still be fun and exciting, even if you spend it lounging on the couch! Below are a few suggestions for an at-home Valentine’s Day, including culinary delights, romantic decor, and unique entertainment for you and your partner.

Valentine's Cocktails

Create a Fancy Cocktail Cupid Will Love

Are you ready to try Cupid’s favorite cocktails? Buy key ingredients like a heart-shaped ice mold, red cherries and strawberries, edible flowers, and your preferred alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks for a fun night with your beloved. To raise the stakes, have a competition to see who can make the best Valentine’s cocktail. The winner takes all!

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Arrange a Valentine’s Charcuterie Board

If cooking a complicated dinner isn’t your ideal Valentine’s activity, try making a charcuterie board instead. This easy dinner idea combines your favorite delectable cheeses, deli meats, crackers, and sweet treats like dates, figs, and chocolate for a snack-like entree you’ll both love. Get creative with the charcuterie board using various display boards and ingredients. You can also assemble a second board with only desserts – the options are endless! Check out this helpful source for more recipe ideas!

At Home Wine Tasting

Host an At-Home Wine Tasting

Calling all wine connoisseurs! A fancy cocktail contest is a great option, but an at-home wine tasting could be just as fun without as much work. Shop for the best 5-7 wines for a robust tasting, or purchase a wine tasting kit with information and tasting cards for a complete luxury experience.

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Roast S’mores in the Fireplace

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to light the fireplace for a cozy night. Take the romance up a notch by roasting marshmallows and s’mores together. This is a unique and inexpensive way to share some desserts inside your home. If you have children spending the evening with you, it’s also a great family-friendly activity. Here are a few other creative s’mores recipes to try!

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Try a Canvas Painting Activity

If your favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is doing an activity together, bring out your artistic side this year and paint canvases at home. Choose a romantic design or freestyle paint and show one another the results at the end of the evening. Those who prefer a clear artistic direction can purchase a paint-by-number kit or sign up for a virtual painting class. Head to your favorite arts and crafts store for supplies, as craft stores typically have holiday-themed sales and other cool DIY projects to purchase. Whatever you choose, this is a unique and cost-friendly way to celebrate Valentine’s indoors, try something new with your partner, and create a beautiful piece of art that symbolizes your love for each other.

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Have a Game Night

A healthy dose of game night competition with your favorite person might be just the shake-up you need for an exciting Valentine’s Day. Choose from your favorite classic board games like Monopoly©, Sorry©, and Chess©, newer card games like Cards Against Humanity© and Uno Remix©, or turn on your Nintendo Switch™️ or PlayStation™️ and embark on a collaborative adventure with a two-person game like It Takes Two.

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Pamper Yourselves With a Spa Night

After a long Valentine’s Day at work, your partner might love a soothing bubble bath and foot massage to come home to. Purchase their favorite candle scents, lotions, and perfumes to embrace the luxury vibe. Make sure the home is clean and organized to help them get in a relaxing mood. Read this helpful blog for tips on creating an at-home spa, and consider these spa-themed gift ideas!

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Camp out on the Patio or in the Backyard

Don’t confine yourselves indoors for your at-home Valentine’s Day. Enjoy your entire house and use the porch or backyard to camp under the stars! Bring blankets and a picnic lunch or dinner to embrace the theme. If the night is too chilly, consider creating a bonfire in your backyard for warmth. This idea could also help couples with children have more privacy on Valentine’s Day. Check out this guide to see what the sky will look like on Valentine’s Day and stargaze your way around the cosmos.

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Bonus Gift Idea: Make a Love Song Playlist

Although you may be planning to order a large flower bouquet and secretly take measurements of your partner’s shoe, wrist, or dress size for your gift-buying needs, what if you tried something different this year? An old-school playlist is an easy way to say “I love you” to someone special. Add songs that remind you of them and tell your love story. You can create the playlist using a shared streaming service like Spotify© or Apple Music© or score extra points by burning a CD, making a cassette mixtape, or buying a custom vinyl record. Put on the music as you cook a romantic dinner, sip wine, and play board games to set the mood for the evening.

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