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Maximalism Interior Design is Back in 2024!

April 25, 2024

Whether you’re an experienced interior designer or brand new to home decor, you know design trends are cyclical; each year, a new style, color, and vibe is the focus. Many homeowners like to stay on trend when decorating their space, opting to redo an entire room if it looks too outdated. The result is the resurgence of maximalist interior design in 2024.

Over the last decade, the muted and sparse minimalist style took the design world by storm. The familiar aesthetic of white walls, white couches, and sleek, simple furniture was celebrated everywhere, from middle-class families to Hollywood celebrities. One of the most important rules was each item in the home must have a function other than to sit still and look pretty.

However, over time, more people began to move away from the plain land to embrace unique and eclectic design choices. This year, decide if opulence and bold self-expression are the mood you’re aiming for, and let Peachtree Building Group help to update your new space!

What is Maximalist Interior Design?

Maximalist design is a style and aesthetic that leans into the more is more mentality. To achieve the look, the idea is not to add an excessive amount of random items to your space. Everything you purchase must be intentionally included, even if it’s a mismatched pattern, an odd-shaped statue or frame, or an unexpected display item. If you’re not careful, maximalist design can slip into looking messy, which isn’t the same thing.

What do interior designers have to say about maximalism?

The antithesis of minimalism, maximalist interiors embrace bold use of color, pattern, and layering to create a space that honors and celebrates excess. It’s a fun way to put all of your favorite things together in one room and show them off in a striking and playful way. – Megan Hopp

There’s a misconception about maximalism—mainly that it implies a lot of stuff. However, that’s not true. Maximalism is about using lots of color, painterly print, and rich textures. Surrounding yourself with objects, art, and mementos, that you love.
– Frieda Gormley and Jaavy M. Royle

So, how do you achieve this look in your new house from Peachtree Building Group? Start by planning a theme for each room and build the design from there.


Beautiful design of a sitting room or foyer

Bold Wallpaper that Packs a Design Punch

Find eye-catching wallpaper to elevate any space and make it unique! A bold wallpaper is a statement and makes your home memorable. It’s an excellent substitute for wall art if you want to do something different in your new home, but a true maximalist might layer wall art over the wallpaper with another heavy, bold frame to add luxury to the look!

colorful primary bedroom

Color, Color, and More Color!

When someone walks into your maximalist home, the first thing they should say is, “Whoa!” To knock this design aesthetic out of the park, you should make confident decisions to ensure your home looks very different from the average house.

Opt for the following elements:

  • Bold colors 
  • Bright wallpaper 
  • Mixed patterns with contrasting motifs, like animal print, geometric shapes, or florals  
  • Ornate accents, like chandeliers 
  • Layered fabrics 
  • Statement pieces

“Diet maximalism is no good. So if you want green in your space, paint it green, not gray green, but green. And while you’re at it, make it high gloss and throw in the trims and ceilings too!” – M. Hopp

Final Tips: Incorporate Maximalist Design the Right Way

Spacious Maximum interior design option

Slow and Steady Wins This Race

Like with any large design project, start slowly. As previously mentioned, this design can quickly become overwhelming if it’s not edited correctly. Look for inspiration on websites like Pinterest and Architectural Digest, so you know what to buy first. Watching YouTube video home tours of maximalist design may be helpful!

Highlight Things You Love

If you’ve ever been told that your collection of action figures, porcelain dolls, or antique furniture is “too eclectic” to display in your home and would be better suited in the corner of the basement or a box in the attic, this design choice might be perfect for you! Maximalism thrives on using nifty objects and artwork to bring personality to a room. It’s time for your favorite items to shine!

Don’t Forget the Rug!

With so much empty space to worry about, it’s easy to hyperfocus on the walls by adding wallpaper, curtains, shelves, and art, but don’t forget that the floors can be another source of inspiration. A beautifully patterned, vibrant rug can change the space from drab and boring to fabulous in seconds!

Mix-and-Match Eras

We can say it louder for the people in the back, but “art-deco”, “mid-century modern”, “Victorian”, and “goth-glam” all have a place in maximalist interior design. Flex your creativity and incorporate furniture from different styles. A marble coffee table could work well next to bohemian throw pillows or a record player with hairpin furniture legs. As long as the overall balance feels intentional, you’re golden!

“Be brave! You cannot dip your toes into maximalist design.” – M. Hopp


Now that you know what maximalist interior design is, are you ready to make it your own? We’d love to see you embrace this trend in your new house from Peachtree Building Group. Contact a community agent today to learn more about our available homes, new communities, and our Spring into Homeownership promotion, where you can get up to thousands in incentives on select inventory homes!

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