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Faux Florals Are Back Like They Never Left

April 2, 2024


Are you ready to add a touch of beauty to your home decor this spring?


Get excited about faux florals making a grand comeback! And no, we aren’t talking about the artificial flowers that still have white glue stuck to the petals or the ones that cost as much as a three-month salary engagement ring. Luxurious faux flowers are taking the industry by storm, and this trend can put time, money, and energy back into your life. Whether it be because of seasonal allergies, curious pets, and kids, or simply not wanting to deal with the upkeep, alternative options are available so you can still enjoy beautiful blooms in your space this year. Let’s explore why this faux flower trend is perfect for spring!

Long-Lasting Charm & Low Maintenance

Unlike real flowers that wither away within days, faux florals maintain their colors and lifelike appearance indefinitely. They bring freshness to any space without worrying about wilting petals or smelly water and stems. These low-maintenance blooms require less hassle because all you need to do is dust them occasionally to keep them looking as beautiful as the day you bought them. If that’s not the best example of low-maintenance home decor, we don’t know what is!

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Pick Your Favorite Flowers Year-Round

As the famous saying goes, flowers hath no fury like a gardener scorned. Well, we may have paraphrased it just a tad, but the meaning remains the same. An angry gardener can hack down a section of weeds in seconds, but by doing so, a few of their precious flowers can get dead-headed in the fury. Don’t miss out on using your favorite flowers throughout your home because you don’t have enough blooms from your garden, or there’s a lack of suitable varieties at your local florist shop/plant nursery. Faux florals come in a wide variety of options, from classic roses and tulips to exotic orchids and peonies. Whatever your style or preference, there’s a faux floral arrangement to suit every taste and every season.

“It’s accessible luxury, but faux,
and that’s not been done before.”
– Elle King, the co-founder of Ett Hem London

You can purchase different arrangements from fresh faux to dried bouquets at a fair price in retail stores like Pottery Barn and Anthropologie and online shops like Ett Hem London, all of which are known for their high-quality products. Ett Hem London delivers unique arrangements that are hand-tied in London and wrapped just as fresh flowers would be. Choosing this option doesn’t mean you must give up the pretty packaging or the feeling of opening a new bouquet.

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Allergy & Pet-Safe Alternatives

For those dealing with spring allergies, real flowers can be a nightmare in your home. Allergy season can also be harsh on your pets, who roam outside or go for daily walks and track pollen on their fur and paws. However, with faux florals, everyone can enjoy nature’s beauty without the sneezing and itching that often accompanies the real thing. Natural flowers are often treated with pesticides, which can harm your health and threaten the environment. Artificial flowers don’t need any pesticides, making them safe, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. Which is the better option for your home?

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“Not only do they look extremely realistic, but they stay fresh all season long and have the added benefit of being reusable for many years to come.”

–Sue Jones, co-founder and creative director of Oka

Blooms Within Your Budget

Real flowers can be an expensive interior design choice, especially if you want to keep your home constantly filled with fresh blooms that aren’t wilting or fading. Faux florals offer a cost-effective alternative that allows you to enjoy the beauty of flowers without breaking the bank. Your new home with Peachtree Building Group was a good investment for your real estate portfolio. Make another smart investment with your home decor by purchasing faux botanicals that can last for years.

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“Plastic isn’t a bad material; we just shouldn’t be throwing it away.”– Elle King

The Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Option

It would be easy to consider faux flowers as less than sustainable, given that so many are made from plastic – but their endless versatility and reusability make them, in fact, far more eco-friendly than real flowers. If you purchase valuable faux flowers made from silk and polyester, the “shelf-life” will never expire.

If you want to add a pop of color to your living room, brighten up your home office, or create an eye-catching spring centerpiece for your dining table, faux florals are the perfect solution. As the trend continues to gain in popularity, artificial flowers will become an essential element in contemporary home decor. Ready to embrace the faux floral trend? Head to your nearest home decor store or browse online for a stunning selection of artificial blooms that will bring lasting beauty to your home.

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