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How to Prepare Your Home for Spring Allergy Season

March 22, 2024


Spring in Georgia is a great time to visit festivals, carnivals, and open-air markets, but for many, spring allergies prevent them from enjoying the beautiful outdoors during this time of year. Tree pollens in Georgia begin in late February, causing the allergy season to stretch until June! To ensure you enjoy your spring activities with your loved ones this year, Peachtree Building Group compiled a list of easy tips so you can kiss those allergy symptoms goodbye.

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Reduce Your Exposure to Allergy Triggers

This might seem like an obvious and overstated tip, but limiting your exposure to pollen is one of the best options when trying to quickly alleviate your allergy signs and symptoms (allergens). Stay indoors on dry, windy days as much as possible. The best time to venture outside is after a good rain shower, which helps clear pollen from the air and off surfaces like cars and door handles.

Skip the Outdoor Chores for a Few Weeks

Avoid lawn mowing, weed pulling, and other gardening chores that stir up allergens. When possible, outsource these chores with a landscaping company so your home’s exterior stays pristine during the pollen season and is ready for summer gardening.

Wash and Cover Your Skin and Hair

Remove clothes you’ve worn outside as soon as you get home, and make sure to shower daily to rinse pollen from your skin and hair. You can also wear a face mask when completing any outside chores and errands. That extra precaution will filter the air so you’re inhaling fewer allergens and germs that can further irritate your sinuses.

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Keep Indoor Air Clean With These Helpful Tips

Your home should be a place where you feel the most comfortable. Don’t let humid air and pesky pollen seep indoors this spring. Keep the air in your home fresh and pollen-free by following these easy tips!

  • Close doors and windows when pollen counts are high.
  • Use air conditioning in your house, and follow a regular maintenance schedule to change the air filters.
  • Keep indoor air dry with a dehumidifier and/or use (HEPA) filter.
  • Clean floors often with a vacuum cleaner (preferably one with a HEPA filter).
  • Sweep and mop hardwood floors frequently.

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Bonus Tip: Help Your Pets Survive Allergy Season

Taking walks outside with your dog next to beautiful flowering blooms or letting your cat explore the backyard on a sunny day is a great spring activity, but seeing the pollen shake off their fur as soon as they get inside isn’t a welcome sight. Before you head outside together, check your local forecast online for insight on current pollen levels. High-level could mean you should skip the park with the abundance of trees and flowers and take a walk on a concrete sidewalk or find a dog park with artificial turf grass.

When you get home, make sure to wipe them down with some pet-friendly wipes or give them a full bath. This will keep the pollen away from the surfaces in your home, especially the couch fabric and bed linens that aren’t cleaned on a daily basis. Doing this will also alleviate dog seasonal allergy symptoms that cause them to sneeze, cough, and break out in skin blisters and hives.

The days of scraping inches of yellow pollen off your windshield before work, nursing a sinus headache throughout the day, and convincing your family that your runny nose is just allergies and not the flu are almost here. Get your home ready now before the pollen descends! Peachtree Building Group is happy to help with tips that prepare our homeowners for all seasons. Contact us today to learn how you can Spring into Homeownership with our new incentives and purchase your dream home in Georgia!

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